Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Half year of US life, hoping for more

Coming from India, I was doubtful how my stay here would be in the US.
Since I day I came here, I have been in awe of the opportunities that this country presents and the diversity of people that its home to.
I have not encountered any untoward incident till now god forbid but whatever little I have seen of NY and NJ are nothing short of an education.

From the time one comes here to the US, one would notice that you see more cars than people. People are always in a hurry to get their job done, greet you with a smile even if they don`t know you. Relaxation for people is a quiet drink by the bar, family barbecue or a ball game with family/friends. Its expensive to get a college degree or to get work done. So, one would always see people doing multiple jobs or seek a high paying job to manage their family expenses.

For a person who was attuned to having women settle as housewives in India, I was really amazed and impressed at the tune to which women workforce is in place here. I have also observed that women get more work done faster and are more focussed too. One more thing you would notice about the country is cleanliness. The roads are properly marked out, maintained regularly by the concerned departments and there are designated bins at most places for dumping trash

America is a land of opportunities and land of innovation. One can see innovation in each and every american product which is bought. The furniture bought from Ikea/Walmart can be self assembled by following the instructions, most packages can be opened with minimal force applied by hand, payment of bills by using your mobile as your credit card. The user experience is visible in each and every product we buy.

The people being friendly here is a main reason why I see there are no restrictions on what one can achieve in this country. You can do whatever you want provided its legal. Nobody cares about who you are or what you do unless you are obstructing a way of someone. People are proud of their ancestry or where they have come from and they tell their entire family story if you stimulate this topic with them.

I hope I get to explore and experience the country a little better in the months to come and update this blog regularly.
Until then...

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