Saturday, September 3, 2016

Benefits of competition

Surely everyone likes success. Be it successful companies/brands or humans. Success comes as a byproduct of doing something awesome, by overcoming competitors/competition. 
One just cannot discount the power of competition. After-all, its one of the way to bring out the best among competitors. There is always the runner up in this competition who is equally responsible for bring out the best in the eventual winner.

Being a sport enthusiast myself, I try to see how competition in sports brings out the best athletes. Since this year was the Olympics year, I noted how top countries perform. We were privileged to view superstar athletes like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah in athletics, Phelps and Katie Ledecky in swimming. What made these athletes superior or world class? Its the competition at local, college, state or national level. These competitions are so fierce at all these levels that the competing athletes realize their true potential. 2012 200 meter women`s olympic champion Allyson Felix could not even qualify from USA olympic trials! Jamaican olympic trials finals had all the finalists who are capable of running 100 meter race in sub 10 seconds. Such is the level of competition for Mo Farah as well who is always challenged by Kenyan/Ethiopian athletes. This decorated olympian from Great Britain endured a fall on the track and still managed to win the 10k race

In the PC market Apple and Microsoft were serious competitors. While Apple took the lead with Graphical User Interface(GUI) in operating system, Microsoft had to reinvent and be relevant in the PC business to compete with Apple. Reinvent and come back they did with Windows PCs in the late 80s and 90s. The fierce competition between these technology giants brought down the prices of PCs to such a low level that even a middle class household can easily afford a PC. This type of competition has helped mankind from many such industries like automobile, telecom, mobile phones. I seriously do hope that we get affordable healthcare in the coming future.

So, if life challenges you, do compete! If you are winner, enjoy it or be happy that you have done your best and made your competitor realize their true potential.

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