Sunday, September 4, 2016

Discussion culture

Have you ever noticed that you refine your idea when the idea is discussed. Discussion has such an impact on the thought process. As a story writer, you might want to discuss how your story would end so that you know how your prospective audience will take the ending. If you think of a designing a product, you might want to discuss with industry experts to see if there are already solutions implemented which your product aims to solve. 

A good discussion not only brings different points of view of the participating individuals but also focusses on intricate detail of the subject of discussion. This detailing is very important when execution of the idea is initiated: to plan for the worst/best case scenarios. If you are intending to be in a shoe making business, it would not hurt to discuss who would be your target audience, whether you wish to tie up with Amazon or any other online shopping portals, who you intend to be your brand`s ambassador and some such ideas.

The reader of this post would think: Why I am wasting time on the things I know and do. 

The point I want to drive is discussion as an act or habit is necessary and needed in the short term. In corporate world, one might move to different projects or different companies and you may not see that individual anymore. The same cannot be said when the participating individuals are family. There has to be a healthy discussion or exchange of ideas regularly. After all, one just cannot let go of family that easily. A part of us would want to connect back to them whenever possible.

The entire family of a friend I know of discuss news or their day`s plan over breakfast everyday for an hour. I find this extremely interesting as most of us dont or cant even manage to get a family meal together even in a week. Parents or adults would bring a lot of patience, knowledge and experience in any discussion. Naturally, the kid will be well informed as it need not discover the ways of the world itself. Fast forward to couple of decades of this family`s discussion culture and you would note that the people from that household are thinking outward, forward and for the betterment of themselves or society.

This is exactly the reason why I am definitely for discussion as a culture to be part of any family, organization, faith, religion or practice

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