Monday, September 5, 2016

Conservative mindset and its perils

This guy`s blog post seriously got me thinking. Its an article about Indians and their 'its OK' attitude. Being mediocre is one the easy things to be. It is just following the crowd and ending up getting the same results we have been getting since decades. India s medal tally at the recently concluded Rio olympics(2 medals-silver, bronze) is testament of how competitive we are as a sporting nation. If at all we as a nation want to be, we should aim to be the best in the world and not just comparing ourselves against the countries of Indian subcontinent.

Do Indians seriously need generations to change the mindset towards getting away from mediocrity. Following heart and passion are one of the forbidden things for an Indian kid. In Indian cities, the aim of a parent is make their kid the best in academics, without giving them free-time to play, explore their personalities. The exceptions are far and few without this mindset.

The social media is the most interesting phenomenon happening currently. It has never been this easy to get virtually in touch with a company owner or a pioneer of any field. If one has a entreprenual acumen and is crazy enough to float a company, there are channels to get funded provided your idea strikes a cord with the venture capitalists. 

We have a prime example of how a relatively unknown kid from Ranchi make it big in cricket. I am talking about MS Dhoni who was a hockey goalkeeper till 19 years of age. Fast forward a few years, the same guy is captain of India winning India the cricket World Cup. There are many more fields where many Dhonis can be discovered if only we let go of our conservative mindset. We just need to come out of the comfort zone to explore the possibilities...

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